Jewelry among items from Titanic to be auctioned

Precious metal buyers may be eager to get their hands on some very famous jewelry that is about to be sold.

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Gold prices up for 11th straight year

It wasn’t always easy but gold will reach its 11th consecutive year of annual gains.

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December Precious Metals Roundup

In true sprit of the holiday season, December’s precious metals news saw an influx of stories related to charitable contributions. Below is a collection of feel good articles that highlight some of the most notable news pieces from the past month. Articles included in today’s curated post are from our “Precious Metals and Society” section […]

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Gold coins, continue to make their way to the Salvation Army

Precious metal buyers continue to be extra generous this holiday season as donations in gold and rare coins have been made across the country.

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Gold prices reach three-month low

A strong U.S. dollar contributed to gold prices falling to a three month low.

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U.S. mint has adequate supply of gold and silver coins

The United States Mint announced on December 28 that it has a sufficient supply of American Eagle gold and silver bullion coins to satisfy precious metals buyers and does not anticipate allocating its coins in 2012.

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Silver prices drop on steady U.S. dollar index

Silver prices continued to drop on Wednesday due to a steady U.S. dollar index and reduced trading activity.

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Gold prices continue to fall past $1,600/ounce mark

Gold prices continued to slip Wednesday, reaching their lowest level since December 19.

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Gold coins remain popular as donation during holidays

The holiday season has come and gone for most individuals, as the Christmas trees are beginning to come down and the famous red kettles of the Salvation Army have been placed back in storage.

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Gold prices fall on continued European concerns

The price of gold fell on Tuesday, December 27, as the metal hovered around the $1,600 an ounce mark due to investor timidity during the final week of the year.

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Gold 11/30/2015 $1,061.90
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Platinum 11/30/2015 $831.00
Palladium 11/30/2015 $538.00
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