Brikk offers Heptagon jewelry to precious metals buyers

Luxury jewelry maker Brikk recently recently announced in a statement that its Heptagon jewelry collection, which utilizes the significance of the number seven, is now available to precious metals buyers.

When designing the new jewelry line, Brikk was aware that seven-sided items of this nature are basically nonexistent in the industry.  The significance of the number seven is clearly evident in religion, literature and even geography. The rainbow has seven colors, the Earth has seven continents, and there are seven notes in music.

The jewelry collection is composed of three rings for women, three rings for men and a pendant that contains a custom watch. The item contains a skeleton watch that resides between sapphire glass on both sides, and contains almost three ounces of precious metal.

The Heptagon jewelry line has two collections, which are the Heptagon Deluxe and the Heptagon Standard. The Deluxe edition will be made available before the Standard edition, and will contain either yellow gold or platinum for its precious metal component. Precious metals buyers who choose this edition can pick to have the item covered with either black carbon or diamond.