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'Silver Bells' was originally known as 'Tinkle Bell' when it was written in 1951.

How ‘Silver Bells’ got its name

Did you know that the holiday carol “Silver Bells’ was not the original name of the song?

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Gold fixtures will be popular in-home designs in 2015, according to a new home trends forecast.

Gold fixtures major in-home trend next year

In the business world, gold is primarily seen as a smart investment. But talk to any jeweler or yellow metal enthusiast, and they’re likely to tell you that the precious metal is really known for its rarity and top-tier quality, making it the preferred form of decorative for men and women alike.

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Combining with hydrogen, platinum can conduct electricity.

Platinum demand to be ‘fueled’ by its electrical properties?

In an effort to further buoy demand, one of the world’s leading platinum producers hopes that by promoting platinum’s ability to conduct electricity, it will lead to a strong 2015 to help offset the struggles experienced this year.

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Gold prices to stay low until Fed moves

Investors are hopeful that gold prices will surge in the new year and well into 2015, but questions regarding what the Federal Reserve will do with interest rates has many experts believing that the precious metal will get off to an underwhelming start.

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Rhodium dealers say prices have moderated due to variations in demand among consumers.

Weakened demand slows rhodium prices

Even though there’s been little variation in global refineries’ production, rhodium prices have weakened in recent weeks.

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Since 1989, platinum and palladium prices have been set up over the phone. But a new electronic system is being used now.

Electronic system replaces 25-year price setting method for platinum

A platinum and palladium price setting method that’s been in place for the past 25 years came to an end recently.

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Profits at Impala Platinum will drop by 20 percent, the company recently announced in a year-end report.

Profits down substantially at Impala, company says

One of the world’s largest platinum producers says the strike that brought the precious metal recovery industry to a near standstill had a major effect on the company’s bottom line this year, ending a very eventful 12-month period that won’t be soon forgotten.

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Easing gold prices are having an effect on miners' production processes.

Miners endeavoring to cut costs to counterbalance gold drop

With gold averaging a price point of $1,200 per ounce and lower as of late – a three-year low – miners are being forced to come up with new ways in which to market gold to spur demand and cut costs to grow their profit margin.

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Increase production of solar panels will be one of the ways silver is put to greater use over the next five years, according to a new report.

Industrial demand for silver to increase

Silver is used for a wide variety of industrial purposes, and based on a recent survey, demand for the white metal in this sector is projected to grow in the coming years.

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The U.S. Mint will start selling 2015-dated gold and silver coins in the first two weeks of January.

US Mint announces when 2015-dated coins will be available

The U.S. Mint is getting reading for the new year and intends to ring in 2015 by making two precious metal coins available shortly after the first day of January.

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