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Demand for gold jewelry fell slightly in the third quarter, according to a new World Gold Council repot.

Demand for gold jewelry eases in third quarter

In the latest sign that gold may be losing some of its luster, gold jewelry demand dropped modestly in the penultimate quarter of the year.

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Undaunted by the platinum production fiasco, two Canadian mining facilities will soon establish operations out of South Africa.

Canada-based platinum firms setting up shop in South Africa

Just as one Canadian mining company is leaving the precious metal recovery industry, two other Canadians miners appear to be filling the vacuum the firm has left behind.

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A 6-pound gold nugget found in Northern California recently sold for at least $400,000.

6-pound gold nugget sells at auction

Just over 24 hours after a 6-pound gold nugget went on the auction block, the scale-tipping lump was recently scooped up by the highest bidder.

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The platinum industry hopes 2015 will start off better than 2014 did with the World Platinum Investment Council.

Platinum seeks to restore demand with promotional group

The platinum industry hopes to reclaim its reputation with investors and the buying public through the development of an organization called the World Platinum Investment Council.

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Three years after reaching $1,900 per ounce territory, gold could be headed for a major price decline.

Gold prices may fall under $1,000 per ounce

The steady slide of gold prices may be more than a blip on the radar screen, as precious metals experts say that the yellow metal’s declining value will continue on over the next several years.

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High demand for coins, bars leaves producers scrambling

Though declining precious metals values suggest that buyers aren’t investing in the commodity quite like they used to, this hasn’t been the case for coins and bars, as they’ve been snapped up by consumers thanks to their affordability.

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Gold prices could close out 2014 at $1,000 per ounce.

$1,000 per ounce gold by year’s end?

It often takes several months for gold prices to bottom out from their peak. Values for the yellow metal may reach that point before the year is finished, according to several industry experts.Analysts

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The ICE Benchmark Association has been appointed to head the Gold Fix.

LBMA selects new administrator for Gold Fix

After an exhaustive advise and consent period that included two surveys, a seminar and multiple meetings with precious metal market participants from around the world, the London Bullion Market Association has settled on what company will assume the position of administrator for the LBMA Gold Price, choosing the ICE Benchmark Administration.

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Gold prices may reach $1,000 per ounce in 2015, as values hit a four-year low on Nov. 7, continuing a declining value trend.

Gold prices reach four-year low

Slumping gold prices appear to be showing no signs of letting up, as values for the yellow metal recently sunk to a low last seen in 2010.

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The Conflict-Free Gold Standard helps ensure that gold mining is performed responsibly and doesn't fund armed conflict.

New video describes effects of Conflict-Free Gold Standard

A leading authority on the gold industry recently released a web video that aims to help mining companies establish that precious metal recovery efforts aren’t tied to providing funding for armed conflict.

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