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Anglo American Plc. nets a profit of $1.4 billion in 2014's first half, sustaining a five-month work stoppage that crippled the platinum mining industry.

Anglo nets more than $1 billion through year’s first half

Despite a five-month long work stoppage that prevented important precious metal recovery processes from taking place, one of the world’s largest platinum producers was able to turn a profit through 2014′s initial six months.

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Platinum recovery work will soon be underway in New Zealand, performed by a Canadian mining company.

Platinum discovery work to take place in New Zealand

With platinum at a premium and platinum prices expected to increase as a result of the worldwide shortage, a Canadian-owned company may be able to contribute to global supply levels after being awarded with several precious metal recovery permits.

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Gold demand slipped 19 percent from January to June in China, according to new numbers.

Gold demand weakens in China through 2014′s first half

The world’s largest producer and consumer of gold saw demand weaken through the first half of the year, contrary to what many experts were anticipating, based on recently released numbers.

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More precious metals found in shipwreck

Precious metal recovery efforts were very successful recently, as thousands of gold and silver coins were found in a shipwreck that used to chart the high seas in the early-to-mid 1800s.

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The miners strike in South Africa has many traders believing Palladium will see record price levels before the year is out.

Palladium prices may hit all-time high

There’s still a lot of the year left, but if everything goes as expected, palladium prices could reach a record high before 2014 is through.

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Amplats says it will sell two of its mines operations in an effort to recover financially from the miners strike.

World’s largest platinum producer selling Union, Rustenburg mines

Due in part to profit losses incurred after the five-month-long strike among platinum miners, the world’s largest platinum producer is selling some of its mines to the highest bidder.

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Even though the platinum strike was long lasting, it didn't prevent Anglo American Platinum from fulfilling supply orders in the second quarter.

Amplats able to fulfill all platinum orders in second quarter

Despite the nearly five-month long strike that prevented a substantial amount of platinum from being produced, one of the world’s largest precious metal conglomerates was able to fulfill its quota for the second quarter.

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Demand has been high for silver through the first half of 2014, particularly for silver bullion coinage.

Silver demand robust at year’s midpoint

More than halfway through 2014, silver prices have risen fairly substantially, thanks to a steady amount of investor interest and continued use of the precious metal among manufacturers, according to a new report.

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The World Gold Council says investors shouldn't shy away from  the yellow metal, as its price is bound to increase.

Invest in gold, WGC advises in mid-year report

Though gold prices aren’t as high as they have been in recent history, a new report indicates that investors ought to be putting their resources into the yellow metal sooner rather than later.

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HSBC: Global platinum supply will take longer to recover from

Though the platinum miners strike is finally over in South Africa, the work stoppage lasted long enough for precious metals experts to change their predictions for the type of supply the world will have by the end of the year.

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