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Diwali is the Hindu New Year, which is celebrated Oct. 23 in India.

Gold imports quadruple in India

Perhaps in light of it being festival season in India, an annual tradition where natives celebrate Indian culture with elaborate ornamentation, gold imports to the country have risen substantially in the past month, new numbers confirm.

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Platinum prices fell lower than gold last week, which hasn't happened since April 2013.

Platinum prices fall below gold for first time in 2014

For the first time in 18 months, platinum prices have dropped below gold values, according to a recent precious metals cost estimate.

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$100,000 worth of gold coins was recently stolen from a business near to the nation's capital.

Gold, silver coin collection stolen from D.C.-area business

On Oct. 13, an unnamed company located in Prince George County reported as stolen several valuable gold and silver coins to local authorities, the Washington Post revealed.

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Contrary to popular belief, the gold standard doesn't result in price stability, according to Forbes.

Price stability not a guarantee with gold standard

Though there has been some renewed talk about the gold standard after China’s conversion of $4 trillion worth of foreign exchange reserves into gold bullion, it’s important to keep in mind that its not a guarantee of price stability, according to an opinion piece penned in Forbes magazine.

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The gold mining industry may reach a majority by the spring of 2015 in South Africa, according to Sibanye Gold, Ltd.

AMCU may gain more gold industry workers

Though South Africa may be known chiefly as a worldwide hub for platinum, it may soon be considered a global attraction for gold as well, according to a well-known precious metal recovery company that operates in the continent’s southernmost country.

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Former Fed chairman says return to gold standard may be worth it

The former head of the Federal Reserve believes it may be time that the United States goes back to the gold standard, a move that some believe China, the world’s leader in both production and consumption of the yellow metal, may make in the not-too-distant future.

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Economists are undecided about whether gold prices will be in bull or bear market territory this week.

Economists split about gold prices this week

At the midpoint of October, economists are largely at odds about how they foresee gold prices settling at when the second full week of the month concludes.

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Many traders say gold prices are trending downward and may have yet to reach bottom.

Gold prices to stay low for awhile, experts predict

Now may be the time to buy the world’s most precious metal at an affordable price, because according to many strategists and traders, values aren’t likely to increase for the foreseeable future due to a strengthening dollar.

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Silver prices have fallen sharply over the past few weeks.

Silver follows gold in price decline

Upon word from the Commerce Department that employers added more jobs to the U.S. economy in September, gold prices fell considerably. Not far behind were silver prices.

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Investors snap up palladium with prices at ‘ridiculous’ lows

In the past several weeks, precious metals prices have beenĀ hit hard. However, many investors have reacted by taking advantage of more affordable prices, predicting that it’s only a matter of time before values rise again.

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