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Jewelry sales slipped in April, marking the seventh straight month that purchases have fallen from last year.

Jewelry purchases lose luster in April

Even though gold prices are lower than where they’ve been in years past, it’s affordability didn’t translate into more jewelry buys, according to newly released government data.

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There's a gold buying binge going on in Greece.

Greece financial crisis triggers surge in gold buys

Though gold prices have a ways to go yet before they return to $1,300 per ounce territory, investors are increasingly snapping up the yellow metal, stemming from what the fallout might be resulting from the Greek debt crisis gripping the European nation.

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Platinum slides to 18-year low

More than halfway through the year, platinum can’t seem to catch a break, as prices for the precious metal have yet to find a floor.

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Honey bees collect about 66 pounds of pollen annually for each hive.

PGI endeavors to save honey bees with jewelry campaign

To help prevent bee colonies from further depleting, the Platinum Guild International is launching a designer jewelry sales campaign.

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Gold prices have hovered at month-long highs since the Fed's announcement that interest rates will stay put for the time being.

Gold reacts to Fed’s inaction

On June 17, the Fed made it official, stating that it would continue to keep short-term interest rates near zero for the foreseeable future, multiple news outlets reported. Only a day later, following Fed chairperson Janet Yellen’s announcement, gold prices reached a month-long high.

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Platinum prices have yet to bottom out, as the commodity recently hit a low last seen in 2004.

Slumping platinum prices continue

The five-month-long miners strike that brought the platinum precious metals recovery industry to a grinding halt continues to plague the platinum group metals sector, as prices recently plunged to levels not seen in more than a decade.

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37 of 55 economists believe that an interest rate hike will be taking place in September.

Economists convinced about September rate hike

According to a newly released Reuters poll, a majority of economists believe the Fed will raise interest rates in September, a move that hasn’t happened in almost 10 years, making it the first time it’s occurred during President Barack Obama’s administration.

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Texas to build gold depository

On June 12, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that will move approximately $1 billion worth of the state’s gold supply from New York, where it’s currently held, to the Lone Star State once its depository is established.

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China joins the United States and several other nations that represent the London Bullion Market Association.

Bank of China joins gold price setting body

China already has a major footprint on the world’s gold market, serving as its chief consumer and producer. Moving forward, the most-populated nation on earth will also be involved in establishing its price.

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Solar voltaic panels are largely composed of silver, which is used extensively in industrial manufacturing.

Why you may want to wait a bit before buying silver

Poor man’s gold is trading at an affordable level, as silver prices are quite low when compared to its sister metal in gold. This makes it an ideal time to buy, but experts say you may want to hold out a bit longer until the market has reached its prime.

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