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The cleats that All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch intended to wear at the NFC title game apparently drew a flag from the NFL.

NFL scuttles running back’s intentions to wear gold cleats

If there’s anything that gold catches, it’s people’s attention, as its glitzy shine has a way of drawing eyeballs. But apparently, the gold cleats of NFL running back Marshawn Lynch were a bit too ostentatious to get the league’s go-ahead on Sunday during the NFC Championship game.

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Prices for palladium, platinum's sister metal, recently fell to a low last seen in the summer.

Weak economic forecast from World Bank sends palladium reeling

Palladium prices recently experienced a value slide that it hasn’t witnessed since this past summer.

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Silver has seen better days than the ones it saw in 2014, but good times may be on the horizon for the white metal.

Strong silver coin sales may presage bounce back year

If the age-old phrase past is prologue rings true, 2015 could be a breakout year for silver, as silver coin sales were fast and furious in 2014.

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Gold could hit $1,100 per ounce this year, which hasn't happened in five years.

Gold prices to reach 5-year low this year before rebounding

Gold investors are being encouraged to ride out the coming storm of low prices expected in the fallout of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, because the payoff will be worth it once values rebound, which they are sure to do.

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Most coins produced for legal tender in 2014 in the U.S. were cents.

US Mint produces record high coin total

Gold coin sales were far from record territory in 2014, with purchases of American Eagle gold coins down 39 percent from the previous year. But that didn’t prevent the U.S. Mint from producing a record amount of legal tender.

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Silver coins, plaque buried in time capsule unearthed in Massachusetts

Officials in Massachusetts – the birthplace of America – recently unearthed a 220-year-old time capsule, filled with items that are believed to be the oldest known artifacts in the country, including a number of pure silver coins.

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Gold prices likely won't be seeing $1,300 an ounce in 2015, according to new forecast estimates.

Weak gold prices to win out in 2015

Don’t expect gold prices to mount a major recovery over the next 12 months, according to analysts at Bank of Montreal Capital Markets.

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The World Gold Council recently appointed Roland Wang to serve as managing director for the Chinese market.

Wang excited to take China to next level in gold advancement

2014 was a big year for China in the precious metals industry, as Asia’s largest economy supplanted India as the world’s largest consumer and producer of gold. It aims to make 2015 just as successful – if not more so – with a new managing director leading the effort.

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Platinum's long-awaited recovery will likely take shape in 2015.

Platinum to make a comeback in 2015

2014 was a year that many people and businesses in the platinum industry would just assume forget. Miners in South Africa were off the job for five long months, sending supply levels way down, which had minimal effect on raising platinum prices as is typically the case when supply dwindles.

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Gold prices have trended northward consistently in 2015.

So far, yellow metal seeing green in 2015

Gold may have limped into the new year due to diminished oil demand, a resurgent dollar and an improved U.S. economy, but 2015 thus far has seen the yellow metal recharging its batteries.

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