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A veritable pot of gold was recently found plumbing the depths of Vero Beach in Florida this past July.

Hundreds of highly valuable gold coins found in 300-year-old shipwreck

California is colloquially known as “The Golden State,” named as such for the gold rush that occurred way back in 1849 when early settlers received word of massive amounts of the commodity being found at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma.

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Gold jewelry demand rose appreciably in the U.S. during the second quarter, but not in India or China.

Jewelry demand up in U.S., down everywhere else

Despite gold prices sliding – or perhaps because of it, understanding that they’re bound to go back up – consumers continue to snap up gold jewelry for themselves or those who enjoy wearing the yellow metal in the form of necklaces, rings and wristwatches, according to newly released data from the World Gold Council.

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Hundreds of Colorado rivers polluted with mine discharge

Nearly two weeks after 3 million gallons of toxic gold mine debris leaked into Colorado’s Animas River, hundreds of other rivers in the Centennial State may be at risk of incurring the same fate, according to officials.

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Investors say that despite what its price trend may suggest, gold is still in bull market territory.

Financial expert makes the case for gold

With gold prices at record lows, many investors believe that now’s not the best time to buy stock in the precious metal, believing that the price could go down further. But that’s only one opinion, because many others say that just because prices are lower doesn’t mean that it’s not in bull market territory.

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Miners in South Africa say they'll start digging shallow areas to find new sources of platinum.

Platinum miners in South Africa turning over new leaf

South Africa is the world’s leading producer of platinum, home to roughly 60 percent of the world’s mined platinum. And while the precious metal isn’t currently experiencing its heyday, evidenced by sliding platinum prices, Africa’s southernmost country is slowly but surely growing short on the commodity.

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A 16-year-old swimming in Germany found a gold bar that weighs 500 grams.

Tourist nets gold bar while swimming

On a hot summer day, when the sun is blazing and the mercury is rising, nothing refreshes quite like a dip in the pool. The cool temperatures can take your breath away at first, but after a few moments to adjust, the chill is just what the doctor ordered.

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Weak demand in China and India in the second quarter pushed global gold consumption down in the second quarter.

Global demand for gold dips in second quarter

When it comes to the latest news about precious metals, gold prices is what’s made headlines, as values for the commodity have slid to lows last witnessed more than five years ago. Prices will go back up eventually, so its affordability makes it a good time to buy the yellow metal.

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Slumping gold and oil prices are fueling economic concerns in Venezuela.

Slumping gold prices adding to Venezuela’s economic headwinds

While the gold standard isn’t nearly as common as it used to be, the monetary system which used the commodity as a form of currency, many countries still have substantial amounts of gold reserve, including the United States, Switzerland, France, Italy and China. Venezuela also invests heavily in the yellow metal, with 68 percent of its international reserves in bullion, according to the World Council.

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EPA flub causes massive gold mine spill

Thanks to greater environmental awareness and precautionary measures taken by the industry, gold mining is arguably as safe as it’s ever been. But with accidents being what they are, spills still take place and unfortunately, that’s what’s happened in Lake Powell.

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Employers added 215,000 jobs to the economy in July, pushing gold prices higher after economists predicted the data won't trigger an imminent interest rate hike.

Gold prices move slightly higher following July jobs report

Though the economy added more than 200,000 jobs in July and the unemployment rate didn’t budge, economists are unconvinced the Federal Reserve will raise rates in the immediate future. Gold prices trended higher as a result, according to newly released data.

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