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Gold prices reached bull market territory after reaching more than $1,230 per ounce on May 18, a three-month high.

Gold prices reach three-month high on Greek debt woes

On May 18, gold prices totaled $1,232 per ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange,The Wall Street Journal reported. This marked the first time gold was this high in more than three months.

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Platinum, palladium inventories replenishing

Platinum group metals inventories are projected to finish 2015 at a level not seen in several years, according to new estimates from technology company Johnson Matthey.

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The government believes there's at least 20,000 metric tons of gold in India that's not being used.

Indian government looks to buy residents’ gold

In a bid to shore up its gold supply, India’s government is considering legislation that would enable the country to purchase jewelry containing precious metals from residents in exchange for tax-free interest on their investments.

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Archeologists in China have found ancient relics that trace back to the 14th century and the Ming dynasty.

Archeological dig in China unearths buried treasures

China is already known as the world’s leader in gold production and consumption, and a team of archeologists there has happened upon a discovery that has the precious metals recovery world in a tizzy.

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Investment demand for gold rose in the first quarter, according to data just published by the World Gold Council.

Gold demand diminishes slightly

Through the first three months of the year, a slightly smaller percentage of people were in the market to buy gold versus the same period in 2014, a new report indicates.

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Retail sales were flat in April, spurring a rise in gold prices.

Weak retail sales report fuels gold price rise

After an optimistic retail sales report in March that showed consumers were back into buying after the long and cold winter, purchase activity was weak in April, suggesting that the economy may still be in recovery mode.

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The FBI announced that it's recovered a $500,000 gold bar that was stolen in March during a successful highway robbery attempt.

26-pound gold bar recovered from I-95 heist

Nearly a month after an armored truck was robbed of $4 million in gold bars on Interstate 95 in North Carolina, one of the pricier precious metal pieces stolen has been returned to its rightful owners.

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Apple rumored to be producing gold iPhone

Whether a new tablet, cell phone, laptop or most recently a watch, Apple always seems to be churning out its latest technological creation. Next up on the production line may be an iPhone that’s cast in gold.

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Lonmin, the world's third largest platinum producer, says it will spend less this year than it originally set out to.

Leading platinum producer announces cutbacks

Due to budget constraints and an underperforming platinum group metals market, the world’s third largest producer of platinum says economic realities are forcing it to make some financial adjustments.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a new member of the family, which The Royal Mint is recognizing with a new coin for collectors.

Princess Charlotte gold coin selling like hotcakes

To celebrate the arrival of Princess Charlotte, The Royal Mint recently released its latest coin creation, dubbing the timepiece its “2015 Royal Birth Celebration Coin.”

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