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The gold market is growing at a fast pace in China and is likely to accelerate further with more trading going on in Shanghai.

Gold trading in Shanghai to accelerate China’s gold market

As the worldwide leader in gold production and consumption, China has made a lot of headway in recent years regarding the yellow metal’s impact on society. But the industry has the potential to develop even further in light of a new partnership formed between the World Gold Council and the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

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A subsidiary of the World Gold Council has a new chief executive officer, the organization recently announced.

Rhind tapped to head World Gold Council subsidiary

An auxiliary organization of the World Gold Council has a new chief executive officer.

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Russia, Zimbabwe partner to develop major platinum mine

Two leading platinum production countries announced they’ll join forces to develop one of the world’s largest platinum mines.

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In January, a gold version of the Apple Watch will be sold in stores.

Apple’s new gold watch may go for $1,200

When the 18-karat gold Apple Watch is sold by retailers – slated to be made available in January – it could cost $1,200 or more, a jewelry contact recently informed information technology news and information website TechCrunch.

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The cease-fire signed by Russian separatists and the Ukrainian government has helped push palladium prices down from a record high.

Easing tensions brings palladium prices back to earth

A cooling off of political tensions between Russia and Ukraine may help explain why palladium prices have eased considerably in recent days.

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The World Gold Council and China Gold Association say they're new partnership should help advance the understanding for why gold is a highly precious commodity.

Strategic partnership aims to improve global awareness of gold

Two major precious metal organizations recently formed a partnership that will help “advance understanding” of the gold industry.

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Clothing designer Ralph Lauren is using silver by weaving into t-shirts that athletes wear.

Major clothing designer using silver

Silver is a great precious metal to have for investment and jewelry purposes, and it’s increasingly being used in clothing in the form of wearable technology designed for the active person.

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Silver sales have taken off in Australia.

Silver sales booming in Australia

Sales of silver are surging in the land down under, a country where the precious metal is in fairly rich supply compared to other parts of the world.

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Rhodium prices quietly gain ground

In light of the miners strike in South Africa and the steady increase in automotive manufacturing, platinum and palladium have received the lion’s share of the attention among the platinum group metals. Meanwhile, sister metal rhodium has ever so quietly seen its value balloon in a fairly short period of time.

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Diwali is celebrated on Oct. 23.

Upcoming festival season to bring surge in gold sales in India

Though no longer the world’s chief gold consumer, India will most likely see an increase in purchase activity in the coming weeks, seeing as how its festival season is rapidly approaching.

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