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Silver prices are down, but that hasn't translated into increased demand in India.

Silver demand plummets in India

Even though silver prices have fallen substantially in many foreign markets, demand is a shell of what it once was in India, one of the world’s biggest consumers of the precious metal, new numbers confirm.

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Rhodium prices are expected to  reach a high this year that was last hit in 2009.

Prices for rhodium expected to climb

Rhodium prices have the potential to increase to levels not seen in the past five years, fueled primarily by heightened demand and usage from automakers.

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Gold jewelry demand in the second quarter rose in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, but declined everywhere else, according to the World Gold Council.

Demand for jewelry rises in US, but falls globally

If there’s any precious metal that U.S. consumers and businesses like more than others, an argument can be made for gold, as demand for gold jewelry in the country soared between April and June while declining in much of the rest of the world.

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Palladium prices fall back to earth after sudden surge

After starting out the week with values at a 13-year high, palladium prices tumbled considerably due to supply concerns and perceptions of how this would affect demand.

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Gold jewelry demand increased in the U.S. this past second quarter.

Gold demand weakens from exceptional 2013, but still strong

Though gold prices are still in elevated territory, newly released numbers suggest that demand isn’t quite what it was last year, the latest example that 2013 may have been somewhat of an aberration when it comes to gold consumption.

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It's been a summer swoon for silver, with prices below $20 per ounce in July.

Silver swoons in July

Though recent reports have suggested that silver will be used more regularly for a variety of purposes – both among consumers and businesses – silver prices have been struggling in recent months.

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It will be a bumpy ride in the short-term, but platinum should be favorably positioned over the long haul.

The road ahead for platinum

Two weeks shy of being one month removed from the end of the platinum industry’s longest work stoppage, the road ahead for the platinum metal is a bumpy one – at least in the short-term, according to a research fellow who specializes in South Africa history and economy.

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Is palladium losing ground?

Though precious metal industry experts have platinum’s sister palladium as the top performer of 2014, it’s recently encountered strong headwinds that may be worrying to investors.

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Demand for gold may be weak this fall, largely due to import restrictions in Asia.

Gold demand may weaken in traditionally busy autumn

Historically, global demand for gold tends to increase during the months of September through November. However, due to import restrictions that have yet to be eased in high consumption countries like India and China, gold prices could weaken as a result of the supply backlog, according to industry analysts.

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Archeologists in China have found a tomb buried with treasure, including gold and silver.

Precious metals found in 2,100-year-old tomb

An archeological dig in China has resulted in a substantial find for the precious metals industry, not to mention ancient civilization historians

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