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The anticipation of interest rates rising will have lasting repercussions on the gold investment market, experts say.

Rate hike expectations to have lasting impact on gold

According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, concerns over the Federal Reserve raising interest rates will likely have an effect on gold demand, business news network CNBC recently reported. In two years’ time, however, the precious metal could return to its former self, if not better.

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Platinum prices per ounce fell more than $50 below gold on Feb. 20, a two-year low.

Platinum prices hit 2-year low to gold

Generally speaking, platinum prices have aligned in relative lockstep with those of gold over the past several years. But platinum recently fell to a price point respective to the yellow metal that hasn’t been witnessed in close to two years.

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Gold prices fell after word from the Federal Reserve that interest rates will hold for the foreseeable future.

Gold reacts after Fed chair testimony

Expectations that the Federal Reserve will soon raise interest rates were put aside recently, after Fed Chair Janet Yellen told Congress that such a move wasn’t in the cards in the immediate future. Gold prices, as a result, took a tumble.

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DOJ launches probe of alleged price fixing for precious metals

No less than 10 of the world’s largest banks are under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice on allegations that the financial institutions may have tampered with the price setting system for precious metals.

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Quebec is the sixth-best mining jurisdiction on the face of the earth, according to a recent poll from the Fraser Institute.

Quebec’s mining sector rekindled

Best known for its massive production of maple syrup and its distinction as the only predominantly French-speaking province in Canada, Quebec’s lesser-known status is that of being a worldwide mining hub. And while the sector has under performed in years gone by, new data indicates that it’s back on track and in the world’s top 10.

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Platinum stole the show at the 2015 Academy Awards.

Platinum well represented at 87th Annual Academy Awards

As is usually the case, it was a star-studded night in Los Angeles this past Sunday as the film industry’s elite gathered to celebrate the 87th Annual Academy Awards. And while those who were in attendance were all “dressed to the nines” in dashing tuxedos and ravishing gowns, what really lit up the red carpet was the jewelry that the stars were wearing, as noted recently by Platinum Guild International.

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Thousands of gold coins unearthed by divers in Israel

The Middle East has a “rich” history of precious metal recovery finds, and the latest one will surely add to the region’s storied calendar of significant unearthings.

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Impala Platinum says profits in the final half of 2014 could be 77 percent lower than what it was during the same stretch in 2013.

Impala expects major profit loss

Precious metals observers knew that last year’s sustained platinum miners’ strike would have lasting repercussions. One of the world’s leading producers in the precious metal can testify to this, as the financial blow continues to be devastating.

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Feb. 22 is the 87th Annual Academy Awards.

An in-depth look at the Oscar with Academy Awards this Sunday

As desirable as the Oscar prize may be, the award itself doesn’t get the type of attention one might expect.

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How did the Witwatersrand Basin in South Africa get all of its gold? That's a question that researchers are trying to answer.

Expert floats new theory on how South Africa got much of its gold

In South Africa in the Witwatersrand Basin, there lies about 40,000 metric tons of mined gold. Discovered in 1886 – but believed to have accumulated billions of years prior to that – experts have long wondered how such a massive quantity of gold compiled in the basin.

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