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Reduced production has pushed platinum prices to levels last witnessed in August.

Platinum, palladium prices climb after protests dampen production

Similar to other commodities, prices for platinum group metals have taken a hit over the last several months due to global market instability in several countries. However, palladium – a precious metal that’s primarily used for industrial purposes – recently experienced its biggest gain in a number of weeks.

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Gold strengthening in third quarter

Unlike other commodities, gold appears to be taking a cue from the summer swelter: according to a newly released report from the World Gold Council.

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The Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates will play a role in how gold prices perform moving forward.

Gold prices slip in anticipation of Fed two-day meeting

The Federal Reserve will begin its two-day meeting later on today, the outcome of which will determine if the central bank is going to raise short-term interest rates as it’s been hinting throughout much of the summer. In reaction, gold prices moved lower 24 hours prior to the Fed’s long anticipated convening.

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Lady Liberty is looking a bit different on a new collector's edition gold coin produced by the U.S. Mint.

Lady Liberty gets more modern look on new gold coin

Though she has yet to be determined, an influential woman in the United States’ history will grace the front of the $10 bill in five years time, the U.S. Treasury Department recently confirmed. But between now and then, perhaps the country’s most familiar female face is getting a makeover on official U.S. currency: Lady Liberty.

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A treasure hunter in Russia claims he's found 100 tons of precious metals from the World War II era.

Another alleged WWII gold discovery unearthed

Europe and Asia sure seem to be two continents that are teeming with gold, as over the last several weeks, precious metal recovery news has dominated the headlines, with the latest apparent discovery taking place in Russia.

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Reduced capital investment will lead to less production in 2016 and 2017, according to a recent industry projection.

Cuts in platinum investment to affect production next year

Looks like platinum will be even more precious in the years to come than it has been more recently, as a drop in investment is projected to cut the amount of platinum that’s available globally, according to a newly released production estimate.

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Gold prices slip on mixed August employment data

After a decidedly mixed report detailing how many jobs were created in the month of August, gold prices reacted accordingly, with values increasing slightly before finishing below where it started from on Sept. 4.

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University of Utah geologists say that an estimated $2.7 million worth of gold  per year can be harvested in New Zealand's Taupo Volcanic Zone.

Gold, silver horde found near New Zealand volcano

Treasure seekers will plumb the depths of the sea and the ends of the earth if the payoff is precious metal recovery. As it turns out, copious amounts of gold and silver may be “boiling” at the surface – quite literally.

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Economist now believe interest rates may not be going anywhere, which could push gold prices higher.

September interest rate bump may not be in the cards

Though the Federal Reserve has given several indications it will raise short-term interest rates in September, that prediction is looking increasingly less likely now that the month here. That’s good news for investors, particularly those who bought gold bars while prices were more affordable.

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Gold mineralization detected in Canada

Miners are always looking for new sources from which to extract precious metals, and in Canada – one of the world’s leading producers – miners believe they may have “struck gold.”

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