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India, one of the world's largest precious metals consumers and producers, has raised tariff values for both gold and silver.

India raises tariffs on gold, silver imports

Precious metal prices worldwide could climb substantially in the coming weeks and months, this after one of the largest countries in gold consumption raised the import tariff value for both gold and silver.

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China to remain gold leader for years, report predicts

Evidenced by rising gold prices, China recently became the worldwide leader in demand for gold. And according to a recent report, it likely won’t relinquish that title for at least another four years.

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Platinum now goes for $1,460 per troy ounce, according to some of the latest price estimates.

Platinum prices continue their ascent as SA strike nears 3-month mark

Entering the 12th week of the ongoing strike in South Africa, platinum prices recently rose, influenced by fears that supply levels for the precious metal or becoming increasingly thin.

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A gold crystal found by an Ohio collector weighs more than 215 grams, believed to be the world's largest.

New find could be world’s largest single gold crystal

The precious metals refining industry is all atwitter after the discovery of a gold piece that has the potential to be the world’s largest single-crystal piece ever to be found.

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An archaeological dig in Israel revealed a 3,300-year-old coffin and gold piece.

Gold scarab unearthed in Israel

Archeologists in the Middle East recently made a precious metals discovery that’s made international headlines, due to the rarity of the treasure they found.

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Look no further than Dubai as a global hub for precious metals investment and activity.

Dubai major player in precious metals industry

Precious metals investment and supply is a global phenomenon, the latest evidence of which was recently made plain at the Dubai Precious Metals Conference hosted by the Dubai Multi Commodities Center.

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Once the ongoing mining strike ends, South Africa's largest mining company will likely become even bigger.

SA’s largest mining company expected to buy more when strike ends

Though there still aren’t any indications as to when the ongoing precious metals mining strike will finally come to an end, one of South Africa’s largest mining companies will likely increase increase its footprint through a major purchase.

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The third annual Dubai Precious Metals Conference runs from April 6 to April 7.

Annual precious metals conference underway in Dubai

The third annual Dubai Precious Metals Conference is currently underway in the Middle East, the theme of which is “Engaging with Africa.”

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Political tensions resulting from the Crimea seizure are among the reasons why palladium prices have skyrocketed.

Confluence of world events impacting palladium prices

Economists largely agree that the world is highly interconnected, as various actions and developments almost without fail have repercussions, whether for good or bad. The latest evidence of this are the investigations into benchmark rigging controversies, political strife in Europe and striking miners in Africa.

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China now officially world’s largest producer, consumer of gold

Though it had been speculated for awhile, it’s now official – China is not only the world’s largest producer of gold, but also the earth’s biggest consumer, as buyers and investors can’t seem to get enough of the precious metal.

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