Collection of gold coins discovered at Israel crusades site

Israeli archeologists recently uncovered a collection of more than 100 gold dinar coins that are dated back to the time of the Crusades. Items such as these could be enticing to collectors including precious metals buyers.

Fox News reports that the coins contain various markings, including blessing and the names of sultans. The hoard of coins could be worth as much as $500,000. The items were discovered at Apollonia National Park by a team composed of people from Tel Aviv University and Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority. The area was utilized by the Crusaders between the years of 1241 and 1265.

Reuters reports that the team discovered the collection of 108 coins under a tile floor at the cliff-top coastal ruins.

“It was in a small juglet, and it was partly broken. The idea was to put something broken in the ground and fill it with sand, in order to hide the gold coins within,” Prof. Oren Tal, chairman of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Archaeology, told Fox News. “If by chance somebody were to find the juglet, he won’t excavate it, he won’t look inside it to find the gold coins.”