How to Safely Remove Gemstones from Jewelry

Jewelry Stone RemovalIf you’ve ever considered selling your unwanted or broken jewelry to a cash-for-gold buyer, you may have wondered what will happen to any precious stones in the piece.

Some customers might ask: “What happens to the stones if I send a piece in its entirety to a buyer? Should I remove the stones prior to shipping my jewelry?” and “If so, what’s the best way to remove gemstones from a piece of jewelry?”

First, ask yourself a few questions regarding the jewelry you’d like to sell:

For liability purposes, a gold buyer may not offer the removal and return of gemstones. Therefore, if you’d like to retain any stones, you should have these removed prior to shipment. Removing gemstones will also help you more accurately determine the weight of your precious metal content, as stones often add significant weight to a piece.

If your earrings, ring, necklace or bracelet have precious or semi-precious stones you’d like to keep, you have two options:

  • Remove the gemstones yourself.
  • Have the gemstones professionally removed by a jeweler.

How to Safely Remove Gemstones from a Jewelry Setting

If you’d like to remove the stones yourself, follow the steps below to ensure the safe removal of those stones:

  • To loosen a gemstone in a prong setting, pry back the metal prongs with jewelry pliers or a fine point instrument (preferably non-metal).
  • Be careful not to chip or scratch the gemstone, especially if you’re using a metal instrument — i.e. fine point knife, jewelry pliers, dental picks or a strong pin.
  • For stones that are glued into the setting, apply acetone nail polish remover with a Q tip or soak the piece in a small dish.
  • Do not use nail polish remover containing acetone on hand painted jewelry or pearls, as it may remove coloring or the finish.

Having a Jeweler Remove Gemstones from a Setting

The safest way to remove gemstones from a piece of jewelry is to have it done professionally. Having a jeweler remove stones from a piece of jewelry should require very little labor time. However, as a business, the jewelry store is looking to attract customers and make sales.

Keeping this in mind, a jeweler in your area may offer any of the following options for gem removal:

  • Most jewelers will request to see the piece before giving a removal estimate.
  • Some major jewelry chains will charge up to $10 per stone, regardless of the stone size.
  • Local jewelers may remove stones for free, especially for regular or paying customers.
  • Some jewelers offer special events for free removal of stones. They may also offer discounts on other settings for customers wishing to reuse the stones.

If you choose not to remove the gemstones, bear in mind that the weight of your piece could be skewed until the stone is removed. The removal of stones is the most accurate way to estimate your potential settlement, as your offer will be based solely on your precious metal content.

Metallix Direct Gold does offer the removal of gemstones at gold buying parties, where customers are able to take their stones home with them. If mailing in your gold, we recommend removing your stones beforehand. Visit Metallix Direct Gold to learn more about our gold prices and free shipping kit.

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