Istanbul jewelry show draws precious metals buyers

The Istanbul Jewelry Show 2012, which opened its doors on March 22 and should conclude on March 25, should draw various precious metals buyers, according to a statement.

The event will be held at the CNR Expo and was planned by Turkiye Ekonomi Bankas (TEB), the main sponsor for the show, as well as UBM Rotaforte. Since 1996, TEB's gold department has provided various services to market participants in the jewelry industry.

The 34th Istanbul Jewelry Show enlisted more than 1,000 firms representing 24 countries and regions. The various firms plan to organize their displays by product lines so that precious metals buyers can find the jewelry they want, and the organizers have provided the market participants with 23,000 square meters of space in five halls.

More than 30,000 people are expected to come to the show, with market participants coming from various regions. Visitors will attend the show from Turkey, North Africa, Russia and various locations in East Europe and the Middle East.

The event organizers have received confirmations that precious metals buyers from Europe, Russia, Dubai, Arab nations and Iran will attend the show.