APR³- Advanced Precious Metals Recycling Process

APR3 & How it Works

The Thermal Reduction Department, commonly referred to as the “Burn Department,” now features our New 2014 furnace know as APR³ (Advanced Pyrolytic Reduction in its 3rd generation). APR³ is a unique furnace for recycling precious metal bearing scrap materials that are too sensitive for common incineration methods.

Advanced Pyrolytic Reduction

Most “Burnable” precious metals bearing scrap materials such as Resins, Filters, Jeweler’s Sweeps, Wipes & Jars, Catalysts, Sludges, and more are extremely valuable and sensitive to losses during the precious metals recycling process. These materials must be processed in a careful and effective way that reduces the possibility of precious metals losses.

Metallix’s APR³ is the only furnace of its kind in our industry and was specifically designed to meet the challenge of improving the processing of valuable “Burnable” precious metals bearing scrap materials.

When the scrap precious metals are loaded into APR³, the furnace thermally reduces the elements surrounding the precious metals by using radiant heat in an oxygen starved, nitrogen infused atmosphere to control combustion of the scrap materials inside the furnace. APR³creates a turbulent free environment inside the furnace to minimize precious metals losses.

APR³ is a far more advanced process compared to industry standard furnaces that burn your valuable precious metals materials in an oxygen rich atmosphere, where they can not control combustion of the scrap materials, and risk precious metals losses.

For a more in depth look at APR³ and How it works presented as a visually stunning 3D animated video, please click here.


The final product from APR³ is a precious metals bearing ash, which is then sent to either the Mechanical Reduction, Melt Department, or Wet Chemical Department for further upgrading.

Environmental Controls

As APR³ thermally reduces the precious metals materials, gasses and some particulate rise into the pollution control process. They flow into the afterburner where the majority are either neutralized or destroyed by its high temperature. The remaining gases and particulate next flow into the wet scrubber for further neutralization and capture cleaning the air stream to regulated permissible levels before emitting the air stream into the atmosphere.

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