Top 3 FAQ’s: Stone Removal During Precious Metal Reclamation

The sparkle and shine of stones can add a lot to your precious metal jewelry pieces. When you look to sell and cash in for the metal, however, you may wonder what will happen to the rocks that have been built on to your ring, bracelet, broach, necklace or family heirloom.

When jewelry manufacturers and pawnshops send in their scrap precious metal jewelry for recycling, the topic of stone removal is always a focal point of the conversation. Below, we provide an overview of the stone collection process, answering your frequently asked questions.

What Is The Process Of Removing Stones From Jewelry?

Stone removal begins and ends with an industry standard process, which utilizes a mixture of acids called aqua regia. During this process, the precious metal that makes up the piece is dissolved into a safe solution for reclamation.

The stones will not react the same way to the acid mix as the metal, which leaves stones available for separate collection. Once collected, the stones are given back to the buyer in charge of your supply. From here the stones can be sifted and separated by gemstone and diamond melee.

Note: It is recommended to remove any stones of great value as well as pearls before shipping to a refinery. Pearls will be destroyed during the aqua regia process.

What Is Diamond Melee?

Diamond melee is a term used to describe diamonds of .19 carats and less. Often, these stones will offset the main gemstone and serve as an accent to the piece as a whole.

Today, diamond melee demand has increased as diamond industry production lessens. Any diamonds used as embellishment or to mount larger gems will fall under this definition.

How Will Metallix Handle the Stones After Collection?

Upon request, Metallix has the ability to collect diamond melee and stones through the aqua regia process. Once they are removed, the refinery will clean them in an ultrasonic solution; removing residue left behind by the acid process.

After collection process is complete, we can assist in the coordination of selling your stones. For more details, contact us today.

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How Else Can We Help?

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