Various items of interest to precious metals buyers found in Southern Israel

A collection of gold and silver coins, along with jewelry was discovered at an excavation site in Southern Israel. A find like this could interest a wide range of market participants including precious metals buyers.

The treasure trove of items was found wrapped in a cloth by archeologists from Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) who were excavating an arcane building that was the same age as the Roman and Byzantine empires, according to International Business Times. The items were found by the staff of the IAA team in a hole in the courtyard of the building, CBNNews reports.

The collection contains a couple jewelry items composed of gold including a ring and earrings, as well as around 140 gold and silver coins, according to International Business Times. 

"The magnificent hoard includes gold jewellery, among them an earring crafted by a jeweller in the shape of a flower and a ring with a precious stone on which there is a seal of a winged-goddess, two sticks of silver that were probably kohl sticks, as well as some 140 gold and silver coins," IAA’s archeologist and the excavation director Emil Aladjem stated, the media outlet reports.